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標題: 有人睇左3D肉蒲團....口啤好差...... [打印本頁]

作者: 我為靚女狂    時間: 2011-4-15 02:44     標題: 有人睇左3D肉蒲團....口啤好差......


Rating: 1.0/5 (1 vote cast)

Saw 3D Sex and Zen yesterday. Disappointing!
It is boring, cheap and stupid. If you look for something erotic, forget it. It just gives you turn-offs instead.
Script? Sucks!
Acting? Stiff!
Girls? Wasted! (Who would be aroused to see a girl who has a big dick? So stupid!)
Sex scenes? Fake! (Don’t even have the basic sense of intercourse positions.)
3D? Bad! (Just gimmick. Badly used. It gives you headache.)
Value? Nil. (If the producer claims it a big production of great value, it’s just because of his misjudgement.)
Overall, you need to be a dumb head to buy a ticket.
Besides, the producer must stop lying to people that this is the first 3D erotic film in the world. It’s just total ignorance
作者: tkyin1314    時間: 2011-4-15 15:28

作者: caesarfung    時間: 2011-4-15 15:34

作者: prince_cock_kb    時間: 2011-4-15 17:26

點解 冇未睇,冇時間去睇 架
作者: [WRU]03hkarmy    時間: 2011-4-16 04:20

作者: prince_cock_kb    時間: 2011-4-17 02:24

其實 e度有冇c兄睇左?

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